Champions League: the first matches of the 2022/23 season took place

On June 21, the first matches of the most prestigious tournament in Europe, the Champions League 2022/23, started.

Champions League, Qualification, Preliminary Round Semi-Finals

La Fiorita – Inter Escaldes – 1:2

Goals: Rinaldi, 45 – (1-0). Soldevila, 55 – (1-1). Soldevila 66 – (1-2).

Levadia – Vikingur Reykjavik – 1:6

Goals: Beglarishvili, 5 penalty (1-0). McLagan, 10 – (1-1). Ingason, 27- (1-2). Sigurdsson, 45 – (1-3). Hansen, 49 – (1-4). Gudjonsson, 71 – (1-5). Magnusson, 77 – (1-6).

The champions of San Marino and Andorra were honored to open the new season on a neutral field in Reykjavik. The first half was won by La Fiorita thanks to a goal by Rinaldi in stoppage time, but the opponent was about to break.

The hero was the 35-year-old striker Jenis Soldevila, who usually scores a lot in the Andorran championship. The player scored two goals, and that was enough to qualify for the final.

Inter Escaldes’ next opponent will be Vikingur Reykjavik, who won Levadia in the second slot.

Interesting video:

The beginning of the meeting was very good for Levadia – Beglarishvili converted a penalty in the 5th minute. However, the actual owners (this meeting took place at the same stadium) answered with three accurate shots even before the break.

The final whistle fixed the victory of Vikingur 6:1.

Thus, Inter Escaldes and Vikingur Reykjavik will meet on June 24 in the decisive match of the preliminary round of the Champions League. The winner of the confrontation will go to the Swedish Malmö.

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