The Portuguese continues to show professional football.


Cristiano Ronaldo has been able to score goals in every game played for Manchester United since his return.

The Portuguese striker had his first match against Newcastle and scored two goals. In a meeting with Young Boys, Cristiano Ronaldo scored one goal.

In the recently concluded Premier League match, Cristiano Ronaldo hit the property of Lukas Fabianski from West Ham.

Thus, on account of his four goals scored in three matches for the “red devils” this season.

This is an excellent result for the Portuguese striker in his career.

If Ronaldo scores so often, then Manchester United may become the champion of England, although there is a very fierce struggle, but Manchester United has every chance.

The goal against West Hem allowed the Portuguese to set a unique achievement. London’s West Ham stadium became the 66th European arena where Krish scored in the championship. Before Ronaldo, the leader in this respect was Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who scored in 64 different stadiums.

Interesting to know:

  • Ronaldo scores in every match since returning to Manchester United – the Portuguese has already shot 4 goals in 3 games.
  • In the first half, Ronaldo shot on goal twice as often as all West Ham players combined.

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