Granada - Barcelona - result 2022

This week is the 20th round of the Spanish Championship, where Barcelona went to visit Granada for three points.

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Granada – Barcelona

Saturday, January 8, 19:30 pm. Estadio Nuevo Los Cármenes (Granada).

Team lineups:


Goals: de Jong, 57 (0:1). Puertas 89 (1:1).

Warnings: Gonalon 31, Bakka 90 – Gavi 22, Langle 56, Depay 69, Ezzuli 83.

Deletions: Gavi 80 (second residential complex).

Referee: Fuertes.

Match statistics

Granada 1:1 Barcelona
35% Ball Possession 65%
14 Goal Attempts 13
4 Shots on Goal 1
6 Shots off Goal 8
34 Free Kicks 14
3 Corner Kicks 2
0 Goalkeeper Saves 3
9 Fouls 21
2 Offside 3
0 Red Cards 1
2 Yellow Cards 5
300 Total Passes 582
36 Dangerous Attacks 46

Match events

It was very difficult for Barcelona to play in this match, as Granada started pre-singing from the first half, and Barcelona fell out of the game for a short time. By the end of the half, the guests realized a dangerous moment, when the successful completion of Gavi’s delivery from the left flank with a header from Luc de Jong, as it seemed at first, was justly canceled by the referee because of an offside position. True, later it seemed that there was no offside position, but in the end it turned out that it was, but only for the young midfielder in the preparatory phase, and not for the Dutchman at the end. There was a lot of struggle in the first half, and Barcelona fouls noticeably more, while the opponents tried to be more modest.


In the second half, a serve from the right flank in the 57th minute was scored by Dani Alves in his first La Liga match in the second cadence in Barcelona, ​​and the striker this time scored completely within the rules. Barcelona needed not to slow down, but the rotation from Xavi ended up giving the opposite effect. The guests hesitated a bit, and a risky tackle from Gavi in ​​the 78th minute ended up stumping them. The second, wanting to – the young midfielder left the team in the minority for the final segment of the game, while the rivals continued to build up the pace. As a result, Barcelona began not to keep up, and finally knocked down its defense line from a corner on the left flank in the 89th minute. which Busquets unsuccessfully cut to the far corner of the goalkeeper, where no one could prevent Puertas from shooting the gate of Ter Stegen. Xavi’s team lost points in the last minutes.

In the next round, Granada will play at a visit to Getafe, and Catalan Barcelona will meet with Alaves at home.


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