Football has recently become the most famous sport in the world.


Many football fans have their favorite clubs and players. Usually, a person starts to like a football player who scores a lot and shows good results. Today’s news will be dedicated to the famous footballers of the world who, in their entire career, managed to score the most hat-tricks in matches.

Here are the top 10 soccer players with the most hat-tricks.

Leaders in the number of hat-tricks in the 21st century

10th place


Edinson Cavani Uruguayan striker, this footballer is known for his beautiful and effective goals. He has 15 hat-tricks on his account throughout his career.

9th place


Harry Kane – is a very famous English striker. He scores a lot and also has 15 hat-tricks on his account. This footballer is in great shape right now, and in the future he can do more

8th place


Zlatan Ibrahimovicis a very tall and famous Swedish footballer who knows how to score a lot despite his age. On the account of this footballer in his entire career, there are 17 hat-tricks and this is a very good indicator.

7th place


Sergio Aguero – is an Argentine footballer who shines with goals scored and beautiful play. As the Argentine is known to have moved to Barcelona this year. The footballer has 18 hat-tricks.

6th place


Klas-jan Huntelaer – is a famous Dutch footballer, in the years 2005-2006 he was the top scorer in the netherlands and has 18 hat-tricks in his entire career.

5th place


Marie Gomez – is a famous German striker who has already retired. During his career, the player scored a lot and was very useful. Throughout his career, the player has made 18 hat-tricks.

4th place


Robert Lewandowski – is a Polish footballer who has recently started scoring a lot and has become the best player in Bayern, so far he has scored 24 hat-tricks on his account, but these numbers may still grow.

3rd place


Luis Surez- is another famous Uruguayan striker who has scored a lot for Barcelona, with 29 hat-tricks on his account.

2nd place


Lionel Messi – is an Argentine football player who is known to all football fans and not only. This player shows incredible football and scores a lot and beautifully, he has 54 hat-tricks so far, but this is not the end.

1st place


Cristiano Ronaldo – is another most famous Portuguese footballer. This striker is incredibly useful because he can score and assist. He has 57 hat-tights on his account, but it may not be over yet.

Leaders in the number of hat-tricks in the 21st century

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