It became known that the famous Argentine footballer Lionel Messi will play his last match at the World Cup for Argentina.

After the player played an important role in the semi-final match against Croatia, Lionel Messi said that the final meeting will be the last in the World Cup.

Messi’s success against Croatia

Argentina met in the semi-final match against Croatia. In the first half, Messi opened the scoring from the penalty spot against Croatia and provided an assist to Julian Alvarez.

Thus, the Argentina national team managed to win with a score of (3-0) and become the first finalist of this tournament. Also, Lionel Messi was the best man of the match.

Messi can now look forward to his second World Cup final appearance, after his national team finished second in 2014.

What did Lionel Messi say?

“I am very happy for finishing my journey in World Cups in a final, to play the last game in a final. That is really very gratifying”

Lionel Messi

What next for Messi? 

Messi and his Argentina national team will watch the second semi-final between Morocco and France, after which they will play the final on December 18.

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