Poland failed in the 1/8 stage at the 2022 World Cup

With such a Mbappe, only Messi can be compared. The best goalkeeper of the World Cup seemed defenseless!

This year’s World Cup is rich in sensation, but the 1/8 final match between France and Poland ended exactly as everyone expected. Although the surprises in the game were still present.

Poland played the group stage matches with dignity, where they managed to get out of 2nd place. But the rival in the 1/8 stage turned out to be stronger.

About World Cup

The group where the Poland played

Command P Goals Pts
1 Argentina 3 5-2 6
2 Poland 3 2-2 4
3 Mexico 3 2-3 4
4 Saudi Arabia 3 3-5 3

From the very first minutes, the advantage was expectedly on the side of the French, who were trying to find a moment for a goal.

But the Polish team was still surprised. as the team acted aggressively and put pressure right up to the goalkeeper.


France 3-1 Poland

Goals: O. Giroud 44′ – (1-0). K. Mbappe 74′ – (2-0). K. Mbappe 91′ – (3-0). R. Lewandowski 99′ – (3-1).

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It was very very difficult for the French to find a good moment at the opponent’s goal, as the Poles defended very well.

The first chance came only in the 29th minute, Ousmane Dembele shot, and Olivier Giroud managed not to get into an empty net.

Poland managed to create two dangerous chances, but failed to score. At the end of the first half of the game, the French still managed to score a goal.Kylian Mbappe made an accurate pass into the box, and Giroud accurately shot into the far corner.

Olivier Giroud

The break did not really affect the course of the game. The French had more possession of the ball and generally had the initiative. This led to France scoring the second goal.

Meanwhile, the mood of the Poles was deteriorating, and the chances remained less and less. Cillian Mbappe scored a brace in the 91st minute and decided the whole outcome of the match.

And yet, the Poles got a chance in the very ending, where Lewandowski scored on the second attempt.

What’s next?

In the quarter-finals, the France will play the winner of the match England – Senegal. The Poland team leaves this tournament.

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