RB Leipzig won the DFB Pokal 2021|22, beating Freiburg in the final on penalties

On May 21, Freiburg and RB Leipzig met at the Olympiastadion in Berlin as part of the final match of the German Cup of the 2021/2022 season.

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DFB Pokal 2021|22

Freiburg 1-2 penalty (2-4) RB Leipzig

Goals: Eggestein, 19 (1:0). Nkunku, 76 (1:1).

Penalty shootout: Nkunku – (0:1). Petersen – (1:1). Orban – (1:2). Olmo – (1:3). Schlotterback – (2:3). Henriks – (2:4).

Line ups:

Flecken, Linhart, Schlotterbeck, Gulde (Schlotterbeck, 106), Kübler (Schmid, 86), Günther, Eggestein (Haberer, 86), Hoefler, Heler (Demirovich, 79), Scholloi (Petersen, 79), Grifo. Gulaci, Simakan (Guardiol 113), Orban, Klostermann, Halstenberg, Henriks, Nkunku, Laimer (Adams 99), Kampl (Olmo 69), Forsberg (Mukjele 61), Andre Silva (Sobosloi 61).

Warnings: Kubler, 81′. Linhart, 90′. Demirovich, 113′. Simakan, 58′. Kampl, 60′.

Red cards: Halstenberg, 57′. Kampl, 118′.

Referee: Stegemann (Germany).

Unlike last season’s final, which was played without fans, both sides were met with uproar at the Olympic Stadium.


The first half of the cup final started very brightly, and on 19 minutes Freiburg took the lead. Through the left flank, the Freiburg players, due to a long throw to the left corner of the penalty area, dispersed the attack, Grifo made a good throw, followed by a shot into the center to the penalty area line from Gunther, Shallai, under pressure from an opponent, played along with his hand, as it seemed, followed by a discount a little back into the penalty area, Eggestein ran well on the ball and drove it under the left post.

Leipzig failed to score in the first half, but Nkunku had the best moment but the goalkeeper was in place.

In the second half, Leipzig came out to impose a fight and player Marcel Halstenberg received a red card after he knocked down Lukas Höhler. Less than 15 minutes before the end, Leipzig still sensationally restored parity.

Laimer from the center of the field made a throw into the center of the penalty area, Orban won the horseback fight for the ball and dropped it with his head to the left corner of the goalkeeper, and from there Nkunku sent the ball into the near corner of the goal in a falling touch, Flekken could not save his team. As a result, regular time ended in a draw, and the teams had to play extra time.


Entering extra time for the third time in their cup run, Freiburg began to regain control and their dominance provided a couple of opportunities with Janick Haberer hitting the post with the ball before the subsequent rebound was landed in the Ermedin stands. Demirovich. The drama continued into the second half of extra time, but the goal was never scored. Everything was decided in extra time.

Video review of the match Freiburg – RB Leipzig

In the shoot-out which RB Leipzig eventually won after Christian Günther and Ermedin Demirovich missed their penalties.

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