As you know, after the departure of the Spanish national team at the 2022 World Cup, head coach Luis Enrique left the national team.

The new coach of the national team was  Luis de la Fuente, who admitted that Sergio Ramos could return to the Spanish national team after being excluded from the squad for the World Cup.

The absence of Sergio Ramos in the national team

Many were surprised when it became known that Ramos, who consistently plays for the PSG football club, was not included in the application for the World Cup.

It seemed that at this time the defender in the national team came to an end, but now that Enrique has left and a new coach has appeared, Ramos may return.

What did the new coach say?

Luis de la Fuente, during his first presentation as Spain coach, said that Sergio Ramos is in good shape and he can also play for the national team.

The new coach also said that all the players are in good condition and he has the opportunity to choose any player.

 “I do not close the doors to anyone. I am a man convinced of young talent, but also of veterans who have given us so much and they continue to give us at the top level and in the national team. We are not going to be looking at identity cards.”

Spain boss

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Ramos in the national team

As you know, the central defender is the record holder of the Spanish national team, who has played 180 matches.

The footballer has not played for his national team since he moved to PSG in the summer of 2021.

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