In the match of the Youth Ice Hockey World Championship, Sweden will play with Austria. The meeting will take place at the Scotiabank Center on 26 December. The start is scheduled for 18:30 (UK).

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2023 World Junior Ice Hockey

 Sweden vs Austria



According to the results of the last World Cup, the Swedish youth team was third in the list of the best.

The team had a solid group stage ahead of the bronze medal run with three wins and the second-best defensive record in Group A.

As part of the group campaign, Sweden defeated Switzerland (3-2), Austria (6-0) and Germany (4-2).

However, before the meeting with the Germans, the only defeat happened – in the match with the USA (2-3).

In last year’s campaign, Austria was the worst in their group and flew past the playoffs. The team of Germany (2-4), Sweden (0-6), USA (0-7) and Switzerland (2-3) lost.

At the last tournament, Austria was led by coach Philipp Pinter. It is likely that he satisfied the requirements of the federation, so manager Kirk Fury will be lucky for the new championship.

In the preparatory campaign, which included a victory over Germany (4-3 OT). In the next control match, the Austrians lost to Slovakia (1-5).

Head to Head

Both teams played each other 3 times, and all the victories fell on the Swedish team. The last game was on August 12 and ended with the victory of the Swedes with a score (6-0).


The big difference in the class of teams is fully consistent with the layouts. Austria has no chance in this match. Sweden will certainly come to this tournament to win, and will not allow itself to lose points.

Prediction for this match: Sweden win in the first period with a (-1.5) handicap.

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