At the 2022 World Cup, the Japanese team got into a difficult group F, which also included Germany, Spain, and Costa Rica.

The main favorites of this group were Spain and Germany, but the Japanese team managed to create a miracle.

All Japan Group Stage Results

Japan 2-1 Germany

Goals: I. Gundogan 33′- (0-1). R. Doan 75′- (1-1). T. Asano 83′- (2-1).

Japan 0-1 Costa Rica

Goals: F. Fuller 81′- (0-1).

Japan 2-1 Spain

Goals: A. Morata 11′- (0-1). R. Doan 48′- (1-1). A. Tanaka 51- (2-1).

The main success of the team

Each of Japan’s four scoring attacks in the group stage was within 16 seconds. Doing everything as quickly as possible, the team managed to deal with strong opponents.

Thus, Japan proved that where it is impossible to take only the technique of the players and the team class, you can always rely on dexterity and efficiency.

Flash attack players in Japan were ready in any phase of the game. Both Germany and Spain were once managed to upset with quick attacks after the violations recorded by the referee in the Japanese half of the field.

Spain vs Japan

Another ball was scored as a result of a quick positional attack and a rapid combination after pressing.

The head coach of the team, Hajime Moriyasu, competently made substitutions, as the players played energy-intensive football, and the players got tired.

Most of the time the Japanese were on the defensive, for example In the match with Spain, the Japanese had possession of the ball 18% of the time.

However, the team managed to play this football smoothly, which brought success against European teams. In the end, Japan finished first in the group.

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Group stage results

4Costa Rica33-113

Can Japan beat Croatia?

As you know, Japan’s team in the 1/8 stage of the playoffs of the World Cup will play against Croatia.

Like the Germans and the Spaniards, Croatia love to dominate with the ball. The group stage showed that such Japanese teams can impose a fight.

Watch the review of the game Spain vs Japan

While on the other hand, problems may arise, as with the same Costa Rica, which the team lost (0:1) with 57% possession of the ball and a significant superiority in shots (13-4).

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