Tottenham Hotspur and FC Bayern Munich have agreed the transfer of striker Harry Kane, who is to join the German club on loan until the end of the season.

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According to media reports, the transfer agreement was signed last week and should be officially announced soon. Kane is expected to join Bayern at the start of next season as the club begin preparations for the new season.

Bayern agreed to pay more than 100 million euros for the 30-year-old football player. Now it all depends on the decision of Kane, who, according to the source, until recently was inclined to stay at Tottenham.

Kane’s move is yet another step towards strengthening Bayern’s squad, which is at the top of the German Bundesliga and will be in contention for the Champions League title this season. Kane, who scored 30 goals in 38 games last season, has a lot of experience playing at the highest level and could be an important player in a title challenge.

However, the transfer of Kane caused a mixed reaction in the football community. Some feel that this may be a mistake on Bayern’s part, as Kane may not fit into the team’s style of play and not provide enough value. Others believe the transfer could be a coup for both teams, as Kane can gain new experience and help Bayern reach new heights.

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