UEFA EURO 2024 qualifying draw: Dutch get France, Italy pooled with England

On October 9, the Euro 2024 qualification draw took place in Frankfurt am Main.

It was attended by 53 national associations, seeded according to the overall ranking of the League of Nations for the 2022/23 season. Germany, which will host Euro 2024, has received a direct ticket to the final stage.

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UEFA EURO 2024 qualifying groups

Group A: Spain, Scotland, Norway, Georgia, Cyprus

Group B: Netherlands, France, Republic of Ireland, Greece, Gibraltar

Group C: Italy, England, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Malta

Group D: Croatia, Wales, Armenia, Türkiye, Latvia

Group E: Poland, Czechia, Albania, Faroe Islands, Moldova

Group F: Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Estonia

Group G: Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Lithuania

Group H: Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Northern Ireland, San Marino

Group I: Switzerland, Israel, Romania, Kosovo, Belarus, Andorra

Group J: Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Liechtenstein

How will the qualification take place?

There will be 10 groups in total: seven groups of five (A-G) and three groups of six (H-J). Within each group, the teams will play each other in a round-robin system at home and away. Matches will be played according to the European Qualifier calendar from March to November 2023.

Winners and holders of other places will advance to the finals. The owners of the last three places will be determined in the play-offs, which will be played in March 2024.

Key dates

Qualifying match dates
23-25/03/2023 Matchday 1
26-28/03/2023 Matchday 2
16-17/06/2023 Matchday 3
19-20/06/2023 Matchday 4
07-09/09/2023 Matchday 5
10-12/09/2023 Matchday 6
12-14/10/2023 Matchday 7
15-17/10/2023 Matchday 8
16-18/11/2023 Matchday 9
19-21/11/2023 Matchday 10

Play-off match dates
21/03/2024 Play-off semi-finals
26/03/2024 Play-off finals

Final tournament dates
14/06/2024 UEFA EURO 2024 finals opener
14/07/2024 UEFA EURO 2024 final

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